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Every Journey has a Solution! Beyond Dream POLYTRIPS​
  • I don't have time to plan my trip!
  • I don't like being dragged around!
  • We have you covered!
  • Save time and money with our personalised POLYTRIPS Travel Products

POLYTRIPS is Unique!

  • Meet People From
    Around the World
    Start your journey individually,
    then, travel together as friends
  • Created for Travellers,
    by Travellers!
    Our expert travel team curates exemplary trips especially for you
  • Great Value
    Travel Experiences!
    We use our network get you great deals.
  • Global Customer
    English, Chinese & Korean language customer support available

Our mission is to provide traveller-centric experiences
to ensure your journeys are hassle-free and enjoyable!

  • No Shopping!

    No Mandatory
  • No Guide Tips!

    No Additional
    Guide Tips!
  • No Shopping!

    No Obligatory

Experience Exceptional Travel

  • Different Scale of Accomodations and Food

    01 Experience Exceptional
    Food and Accommodation

    Outstanding food! Outstanding accommodation! Outstanding hospitality!

  • Enjoy your freedom during your travel stay

    02 Experience Exceptional
    Your Stay

    More freedom to relax! More freedom to experience! More freedom to enjoy!

  • Choose your travel on your theme!

    03 Experience Exceptional

    Trips for foodies! Trips for nature lovers! Trips for sports enthusiasts! We are sure to have a theme that suits you!

  • Get matched with our travel buddies or host

    04 Experience Exceptional

    Our hosts help! Our hosts care! Our hosts make your journey memorable!

POLYTRIPS Reward Program

Recommend Friends

  • Recommend POLYTRIPS to a Friend to earn
    Member Benefits!
  • The more friends who sign up,
    the more Polychips* rewards you earn.
*See below

Earn Rewards

  • When you Signup, you get a Welcome Gift
  • Earn Polychips by travelling, and by recommending friends *
  • Use your Polychips to book your next adventure.VIP Members Only*Terms & Conditions apply.

POLYTRIPS Membership Benefits

As a member of the POLYCLUB Community
we would like to give you a gift* for your travels.

  • Travel once a year or less!

    Basic Membership

    Free Registration

  • Travel at least twice a year!

    VIP Membership

    US$ 49.99

Basic Membership Benefits

  • Welcome Gift **
  • Access to POLYTRIPS Reward Program **
  • Free Travel Information Courtesy of our E-Magazine (coming soon)
  • Access to POLYCLUB Community and Events (coming soon) **Upgrade to earn more

VIP Membership Benefits

  • VIP Welcome Gift: 200 Polychips + VIP Vouchers (Value: US$300)
  • Double Bonus Points
  • Earn Additional Polychips when you book your first trip
  • No Booking Fees
  • No cap on PolyChips use when making reservations
  • Access to POLYTRIPS Travel Auction Program* *The perfect opportunity to grab a bargen

About Memberships

  • Sign Up


    US$49.99 / year

  • POLYTRIPS Access

  • Booking Fee

    Not applicable

    Not applicable

  • e-Magazine

  • Community Access

  • Polychips

    Start from US$ 2 = 1 Polychip

    Start from US$ 1 = 1 Polychip

  • Welcome Gift

  • -Polychips

    200 Polychips

  • -Upgrade Gift (Coupon)

    US$10 x 2EA For Polycations

  • US$20 x 2EA For Polycations

  • US$20 x 2EA For Polytrips

  • US$50 x 2EA for Cruises

  • US$100 x 1EA for Cruises

  • Bonus

  • -First Booking Extra Points

    200 Polychips

  • Referral Program

  • -All Members

    Referral Benefits x 3EA

  • -VIP Member

    500 Polychips

  • Redeem Polychips


  • Auction

  • Validation on Polychips

    2 Years

    2 Years

Diverse Travel Programs

  • PolyTrips

    POLYTRIPS Bespoke guided travel experiences (with hotel & activities/tours included)
  • Polycation

    POLYCATIONS Curated hotel packages (great prices and added benefits)
  • Cruise

    POLYCRUISES Group cruises (with enhanced experiences & support)
    Unique destinations; e.g Antarctica, Arctic Circle, Galapagos Island
  • Local Activity

    LOCAL ACTIVITIES Regional specific activities & events especially for our members
  • Charity Events

    Charity event Supporting charities in different locations e.g school development project (Indonesia)
  • Private Trips

    PRIVATE TRIPS Creating private trips for corporate clients/private groups
    Designing and organizing exclusive trips for individuals

    *Terms & Conditions apply

POLYTRIPS: Helping You
See the World Differently

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