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Terms and Conditions (FIT Reservations)

Please take the time to read and understand the Terms and Conditions set out below prior to booking a trip with us. We strongly recommend that customers carefully read all information relating to your trip on our website and APPs prior to booking to ensure that customers understand the itinerary you are undertaking.

TOURTOLOVE Limited reserves the right to change, delete or add new terms. It is customer’s responsibility to read and accept these Terms each time he/ she makes a travel reservation. Customer’s continued use of TOURTOLOVE Limited services after changes, deletions, or additions have been made to these Terms shall constitute customer’s acceptance thereof. In case of any disputes, TOURTOLOVE Limited reserves the right to make final decision.

A) Responsibility

  1. TOURTOLOVE provides and fulfills any travel booked through the platform and may act as an agent for the tour operators, cruise lines, lodging providers, car-rental companies, ground operators, and any other suppliers of travel services shown on customer’s itinerary. Customer understands that all bookings are subject to these Terms and any other service provider specific terms or conditions, including policies, (“service provider terms”) which shall be made available to customer before completing booking. In the event of conflict between these Terms and service provider terms, the relevant provisions of the service provider terms will prevail. The transportation (such as cruises, ships, trains or buses, etc.), accommodation, meals, sightseeing or entertainment arranged for the customers by TOURTOLOVE are not owned, controlled or managed by TOURTOLOVE, but is arranged on behalf of the customers or issued receipts, documents, invoices, contracts on behalf of the aforementioned service agents, in accordance with the rules and terms set by aforementioned service agents. In case of traffic delays, baggage loss, accidental casualties, and property losses, etc., the customer agrees and accepts that it will only be directly related to the suppliers and organizations that own, manage, or control the transportation, hotels, restaurants, tourist spots or entertainment items. Regardless of the outcome of the negotiation, the customer will not ask TOURTOLOVE to take any responsibility for this and waive the claim from TOURTOLOVE. In case of casualties and property losses (e.g. accident happened in a sightseeing or entertainment event), the customer agrees and accepts that it will only be directly related to the suppliers and organizations that own, manage, or control the event. TOURTOLOVE will not be liable for that casualties and property losses.
  2. In the event of uncontrollable or unexpected events, TOURTOLOVE and other agents and local service agencies have the right to cancel or replace items in the itinerary before or during the journey, and also have the right to shorten or extend the trip. The customer shall not object. Each customer participating in the accommodation package agrees and accepts that the adjusted itinerary is the final arrangement, and this final arrangement will not be regarded as a violation Trade Descriptions Ordinance.


  3. The services of cruise companies, hotels and other travel agencies are not owned, managed or controlled by TOURTOLOVE. In the event that the customer participating in TOURTOLOVE accommodation package suffer from property damage, accidental casualties, natural disasters and human failure, machine failures, traffic delays, fires, strikes, wars, political unrest, or changes in government regulations, etc., which incur losses or incur additional expenses, the customer agrees and accepts that he/ she should not make claim against TOURTOLOVE for any recovery.
  4. Except for the personal injury or death of the customer caused by the negligence of TOURTOLOVE or its employees, TOURTOLOVE shall not be responsible for the personal injury, financial, entertainment or mental loss of the customer in any accident.
  5. The services directly provided by TOURTOLOVE (excluding the entrusted cooperative institutions) are interpreted in accordance with Hong Kong law and ordinance. All claims against TOURTOLOVE must be handled in Hong Kong, and to the fullest extent permissible by the applicable law, the liability of TOURTOLOVE is limited to the total amount of fees paid by customer.
  6. TOURTOLOVE have no special knowledge regarding travel regulations, unsafe conditions, health risks, climate hazards, supplier bankruptcies, or suitability for a disabled person of any type of travel. The relevant information provided by TOURTOLOVE is for reference only. Customers should find the latest information which released by the official authority of the destination and comply with relevant regulations to ensure that they meet the travel qualifications. Customer hereby release TOURTOLOVE from any claims resulting in whole or in part from the situation mentioned in this paragraph and any other causes not within its control, and agree to submit all other claims against TOURTOLOVE within 30 days after the return of trip. All claims must be submitted in writing with precise evidence or supporting documents.
  7. Customers should refer to the relevant travel restrictions (if any) before participating in the accommodation package. Whether a customer participates in a package or not is a purely personal decision. If a customer decides not to participate in a package due to a local travel warning, it will be deemed to have waived his/ her right, and no refund will be granted. TOURTOLOVE will not arrange other alternative packages or services.
  8. The accommodation package reserved by TOURTOLOVE must be utilized at the specified date. If the customer requests to arrive early or extend the stay, TOURTOLOVE shall do its best to reserve the corresponding accommodation and other listed items for the customer (if any). Regardless of whether the accommodation for early arrival or extension of stay is confirmed or not, customers are not allowed to withdraw from the package, request to change the package date or make any claims for such. Once the request for early arrival or extension of stay is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled or changed, and the package booking conditions apply. The customer agrees and accepts that when the accommodation package has not commenced or the extended stay has begun, the package arranged by TOURTOLOVE does not take effect or ends immediately, and the cost, liability, luggage loss, accidental injury and property damage during the stay are at customer’s own risk and liability. TOURTOLOVE, its agencies and local service organizations will not be liable for any consequence.
  9. If the customer leaves by his/ herself or abandons the package during the trip, the package reserved by TOURTOLOVE will be finished and ended right after his/ her departure. After leaving, customer is fully accountable for their action and hold TOURTOLOVE and its entrusted cooperative institutions harmless against all and any claims.
  10. The ferry tickets/ accommodation/ sightseeing activities and other items included in the itinerary are all group reservations. Once confirmed and ordered, no refund will be arranged to customer who did not avail or drop out from the journey in any circumstances. Alternative itineraries will not be arranged.
  11. Customers must abide by the laws and regulations of various countries, including but not limited to customs, entry or transportation regulations, prohibiting the carrying of restricted articles, prohibiting the use of drone, prohibiting smoking in hotels and accommodation, and other local regulations, etc.; Offenders are solely responsible, and TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to make claim against the offenders.
  12. Customer must conduct oneself in an orderly and acceptable manner and must not insult, harass, threaten, attack or intimidate other customers, staff and other persons. If, in TOURTOLOVE and local service agency’s reasonable opinion, customer fails to comply with the code of conduct, or fails to follow the guidelines or arrangement of staff, or causes annoyance to others or disrupts to package operations and safety, it will be regarded as breach of contract. Customer agrees and accepts TOURTOLOVE and authorized person reserve the right to take such measures as deem reasonably necessary to prevent continuation of such conduct, including terminate the booking immediately without further liability. The package arranged by TOURTOLOVE will be finished and ended immediately for the concerned customer. Minors in the same travel party, aged 18 or below, has to leave the group. In such cases, customer shall not be entitled to any refund or compensation of any kind. Under no circumstances shall TOURTOLOVE be liable for any liability, action and cost whatsoever incurred by the customer as a result of such termination of booking.
  13. For all changes of booking, cancellation procedures and reservation requirements, customers must contact and arrange with TOURTOLOVE directly. If the customer makes any private deals with the accommodation or local service providers, it will be deemed invalid, and TOURTOLOVE will not acknowledge any private deals, and has the right to terminate the customer's participation in the package with no refund.
  14. If TOURTOLOVE suffers damage or loss due to customer intentions or negligence, acts that violate laws, public order and morals, or the customer fails to comply with the provisions of TOURTOLOVE travel agreement, TOURTOLOVE may make claims of recovery from the customer.
  15. Customers should keep copies of their travel documents, travel receipts, travel visas and travel insurance policies and all important documents with relevant persons who are easily accessible in case they are lost or damaged during the journey. At the same time, customers should ensure that a copy of the contact information of family members or friends is provided to TOURTOLOVE so that TOURTOLOVE and authorized person can provide assistance in case of emergency.
  16. For any special request, customer must contact TOURTOLOVE before the registration deadline. TOURTOLOVE shall assist the customer to request arrangements from the service organization, however, the final arrangement of the service organization shall prevail. TOURTOLOVE and service organizations do not warrant to meet the requirements. If it fails to accept or meet the customer's requirements, the customer cannot cancel the reservation, request any changes, demand for refund or make any claims.
  17. According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Hong Kong SAR, all customer information will never be provided to third parties, except for the purpose of arranging package.
  18. The registration and the terms and conditions are based on the laws of the Hong Kong SAR, and all claims against TOURTOLOVE must be initiated in the Hong Kong SAR.

B) Special Circumstances

  1. All travel documents are the customer’s responsibility. Customer should ensure the required document, including visas and public health documents, are prepared and to comply with customs requirements of the destination, including countries that may just be transiting through. If the customer is denied or delayed entry for any reason, customer should assume full and complete responsibility and the loss incurred due to the issue raised. TOURTOLOVE does not accept any responsibility. Customer needs to arrange additional accommodation, transportation and other related expenses on his/ her own. Unaccomplished package will not be compensated.
  2. Customer is fully responsible if he/ she is unable to travel due to visa issues (including but not limited to failure to apply for a visa or visa refusal). TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to deduct the expenses incurred (including but not limited to the expenses of accommodation, meals, tours) from the tour fares and the administrative fees.
  3. Customer agrees and accepts that TOURTOLOVE will not be liable if the customer is denied to entry/ exit the country by local government or airlines, whether it is caused by the issue of customer’s background or any other reasons (whether it is a known or unknow reason), even the customer holds valid travel and visa. The package fee cannot be refunded or transferred to others or package. Customer bears the additional cost during the period.
  4. TOURTOLOVE arranges the accommodation according to the package, but reserves the right to make changes depending on the current situation. In the event of full house, major event, skiing period and other special circumstances, the accommodation will be replaced with hotels of similar standard in neighbourhood city.
  5. TOURTOLOVE and service provider have sole discretion regarding item changes in the event of closure of the attractions and restaurants during festival, holiday or special circumstances.
  6. During the journey, customer shall comply with guidelines, recommendations or directions given by the person from service provider. The customer shall conduct a risk tolerance self-assessment about their age, health conditions, weather and nature of the activity before participation of any activities and be fully accountable for all consequence. Doctor or medical professional should be consulted when necessary.

C) Booking Terms

  1. Travel requirements are different in every country. It is recommended that customer should have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of the trip. Passport should have sufficient blank pages for stamps and visa. Customer who joins a tour in China must allow TOURTOLOVE to take and retain copies of the passport or equivalent travel document (such as PRC Resident Identity Card and Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents). Before travel, customers must check the validity of the certificate to ensure it will not affect hotel stays or admission to attractions. Security measures imposed by governments may change from time to time and each customer will be required to comply with them. Please check with the appropriate consulate for specific requirements.
  2. Customers agrees and confirms all traveler details on the booking are full and accurate (as stated in the travel documents), and review the confirmation letter in detail. TOURTOLOVE reserves the trip items according to the information provided. Any discrepancies must be brought to the TOURTOLOVE attention immediately. Amendment will likely result in price differences, loss of reservations and / or incurring amendment or rebooking fee.
  3. TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to cancel any request or reservation with false or duplicate names.
  4. Customer should provide accurate and valid contact information (such as mobile phone number and email address) so that TOURTOLOVE can contact customer efficiently.
  5. When receiving the confirmation, customer should check it thoroughly to make sure it is correct as to the dates, locations, fares, and package inclusion. TOURTOLOVE accepts no responsibility for losses and inconvenience arising from customer’s failure to check the confirmation.
  6. Once the reservation has been confirmed and ordered by TOURTOLOVE, the reservation cannot be transferred to other people, travel date or accommodation package, without the consent and arrangement of TOURTOLOVE.
  7. TOURTOLOVE or the service organization has the right to refuse to accept customer or provide any package inclusion, for any discrepancy in the guest details on reservation and guest staying. Customer is fully liable for all expense and consequence. TOURTOLOVE has the right to disqualify the customer with no refund.
  8. Each accommodation package lists the maximum occupancy. If the number of people exceeds the limitation, TOURTOLOVE or service organization has the right to refuse to check in the customer or require the customer to pay additional surcharge. Customer is fully liable for all expense and consequence. TOURTOLOVE has the right to disqualify the customer with no refund.
  9. In an accommodation package, each customer can reserve maximum 3 rooms. If, in the reasonable opinion of TOURTOLOVE, the customer reserves more than 3 rooms in total, TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to cancel the reservation and charge related fees (if applicable) in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  10. TOURTOLOVE recommends that the customer to take out travel insurance, to protect against loss or damage to baggage and personal effects, trip cancellation and emergency evacuations, accidental death or injury, illness and medical expenses sustained or incurred in connection with the trip. It is customer’s responsibility to arrange suitable insurance cover for the activities and event in the holiday.
  11. Please keep the original receipt for refund purpose in special case.
  12. The order must be paid in full in the form of electronic wallet or credit card, and confirmed and posted by the bank before it can be confirmed. All payments are settled in HK dollar, US dollar or South Korean Won. If the customer pays with currency other than HK dollar, US dollar or South Korean Won, he/ she will be responsible for the difference in exchange rates and handling fees of the bank. For details, please check with the concerned financial institute.
  13. Discounts, exemptions and other promotional offers must be provided and registered at the time of booking.
  14. Accommodation provider may require the customer to pay a deposit in the form of a credit card or cash at the time of check-in. Before check-out, customer must pay all miscellaneous charges and personal consumption directly to the accommodation.
  15. The package fee and age definition vary. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions on the respective itinerary leaflet.
  16. Based on the start date of the package, customers under the age of 18 must meet the following registration requirements:
    • Below 15 years old: Must travel with parent or a guardian.
    • 15 years old and above but not yet eighteen: If customer is not traveling with parent or a guardian, he/ she must obtain the consent of the parent or guardian and sign the confirmation letter. Some countries may require travel package insurance for the children or teenagers and a consent form recognized by the country of entry.
  17. Children or infants accompanied by adult need to book in advance, and they need to pay the relevant fees as to avail the package. TOURTOLOVE will not provide additional meals, hotel beds and any seat-occupied transportation arrangements (including but not limited to coach seats) for infants. If the customer requests a baby cot, TOURTOLOVE will assist the customer to request arrangements for the accommodation, but the accommodation reserves the right to make the final decision.
  18. TOURTOLOVE may cancel the booking of any customer who is or becomes ineligible to travel for any reason, or who is travelling without proper documentation. In case of disputes, TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to make the final decision.
  19. Whether the package will confirm or not is affected by different factors, and TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to make the final decision. If the package cannot be confirmed as scheduled as decided, TOURTOLOVE will offer refund according to the terms and conditions of the package.

D) Inclusion

  1. Hotel Accommodation: as specified in the package or same standard hotel, accommodation is based on twin-share bedroom. Fare for a room with single occupancy (or surcharge) is based on one person occupies one room. Additional fees or taxes may be applied to customers directly during stay in some countries. Please refer to the relevant info on the respective itinerary leaflet.
  2. Meals: meals listed in the package, but in the event of unexpected or uncontrollable incidents, TOURTOLOVE and the local service unit have the right to replace the meals in the package.
  3. Transportation: The various of transportation listed in the package, but in the event of unexpected or uncontrollable incidents, TOURTOLOVE and the local service unit have the right to replace the transportation in the package.
  4. Sightseeing/ Entertainment program: Sightseeing or entertainment program (if any) listed in the itinerary, but in the event of unexpected or uncontrollable incidents, TOURTOLOVE and the local service unit have the right to replace the activities in the itinerary.

E) Exclusions

  1. Any gratuities to tour leader, driver or service personnel.
  2. Travel documents, Visa fees.
  3. Airport tax, port tax, fuel surcharges, flight insurance tax of various countries. (Unless specified).
  4. All personal expenses./li>
  5. All meals and sightseeing programs not included in the package.
  6. Personal consumption when dining at a local restaurant during the trip.
  7. Accommodation or airport pick-up and drop-off fees for those who arrive early or extend their stay, single room surcharges, room upgrades, or other related fees.
  8. Additional expenses incurred due to personal matters, traffic delays, strikes, typhoons or other circumstances beyond the control of TOURTOLOVE.
  9. Travel insurance, medicine, baggage insurance, etc.
  10. Liability, delay, loss and compensation caused by personal problems or personal disputes.
  11. Personal medical service expenses and other related expenses.

F) Cancellation and Refund

  1. If the minimum passenger requirement of the tour does not meet or known or affected by “reasons beyond control”, TOURTOLOVE has the right to cancel the package in advance. It need not make any extra compensation.
  2. “Reasons beyond control” mean hostilities, political unrest, terror attacks, natural disasters, pestilences, bad weather, technical problems to transport, changes to the frequency/timetable of any means of conveyance by its operator without advance notice, strikes, industrial action, travel advisories (warnings) issued by governments of the destinations/the World Health Organization, red/black outbound travel alerts issued by the Hong Kong SAR Government, and any other situations of which the industry has no control and which are unfavorable to outbound trips of travelers.
  3. Unless agreed and arranged by TOURTOLOVE, TOURTOLOVE or its service providers will not accept any name change after booking confirmed. Unauthorized traveler change at any time, including before departure, on departure day and during trip, is not allowed. Customers who have signed up will be treated as a waiver, TOURTOLOVE also has the right to disqualify the customer with no refund. Customer is fully liable for any consequences.
  4. Customers can request to join the package in any one of the trip days. However, if customer fails to report their stay owning to delay of any reason, the package fees will not be refunded. Customer is responsible for the direct or indirect personal expenses on accommodation, meals and other losses.
  5. If the customer withdraws or does not participate in any package activities unexpectedly (such as meals, sightseeing or accommodation) during the trip, it will be deemed to have waived automatically. The fee paid will not be refunded, and no substitute will be arranged.
  6. If customers request additional assistance from local service unit or other local organization during the stay or afterwards, the additional expenses incurred will be borne by the customer.
  7. Once booking confirmed, the customer should submit the request for cancellation, name change, date change or package change as soon as possible, regardless of the reason. Documentary evidence may be required in support of the request. If denied, customers should follow the confirmed arrangement, otherwise, all fee will be forfeited. Once accepted, fee will be deducted according to the terms and conditions of the package (excluding the departure date and notification date). If later, TOURTOLOVE cancels the accommodation package for any reason, this fee will not be refunded.
  8. Cancellation with refund is not allowed for some packages. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions listed on the relevant itinerary leaflet.

G) Additional Information

  1. In the event that the accommodation facilities and activities are suspended or closed, due to weather or other factors (including but not limited to force majeure, local conditions, maintenance and reconstruction, etc.), TOURTOLOVE will not make any compensation.
  2. When the customer's request imposes any request deemed exceptionally burdensome or beyond a reasonable range, TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to reject his/ her reservation.
  3. If in TOURTOLOVE reasonable opinion that the customer may cause discomfort, inconvenience to other participants and individuals, obstruct the tour operations, obstruct the business operation. etc., TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to reject his/ her reservation.
  4. Some third-party service providers offering certain services and/or activities may require customer to sign their liability waiver prior to participating in the service and/or activity they offer. If customer is unable to fulfil or violate any such supplier's rules and restrictions, it may result in cancellation of reservation(s), being denied access to the applicable travel product or services, forfeiting any monies paid for such reservation(s), and/or TOURTOLOVE may make claim for any costs it incurs as a result of such violation.
  5. Customers warrants that he/ she and any person in his/ her care and responsibly shall be physically fit to take the trip. People has chronic disease, is pregnant, has disability or special needed should pay close attention to the health condition and consider if suitable to participate in the trip. TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to ask for medical evidence of fitness to travel. Customers must be self-sufficient and/or should travel with a companion to provide any assistance needed during the trip. TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to require that customers who is not or deemed not self-sufficient to travel with a companion who shall take responsibility for any assistance needed during the trip and in case of emergency. Customers with any physical or mental disability, mobility problem, other medical condition or handicap which may require special care, treatment or assistance of any kind during the trip (including persons confined to wheelchairs) must report to TOURTOLOVE in writing when a reservation is made. If any such disability, mobility problem or condition arises after the reservation has been made then notice must be given to TOURTOLOVE as soon as possible. TOURTOLOVE may require a medical certificate or other documentation, information or waiver relating to such disability, mobility problem condition as it considers necessary. Moreover, TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to reject his/ her reservation or terminate the customer's participation.
  6. If customers feel unwell before the journey starts, they should seek professional advice from doctors or professionals. If the customer is suffering from a physical condition or body temperature exceeds 37 degrees (Celsius), TOURTOLOVE reserves the right to reject his/ her reservation or to travel with the group. No refund will be provided. All expenses incurred by early departure must be borne by the customer.
  7. For any special needs, the customer should bear the cost of the relevant measures taken by TOURTOLOVE according to the request.
  8. Check-in room types are as listed in the itinerary. TOURTOLOVE does not warrant the room facilities, hotel location and special request by customers (including but not limited to room upgrades, bed types, smoking rooms, etc.), customer should contact the accommodation provider and resolve on the spot for any issue about the hotel room.
  9. Customer should raise any special requirement to TOURTOLOVE before confirming the order. Once the request is accepted, it cannot be cancelled or changed, and the customer should pay for the cost (if any) of the special needs taken by TOURTOLOVE according to the customer's request. If later TOURTOLOVE cancels the package tour for any reason, the relevant fee will not be refunded.
  10. Customer should inform extra bed arrangement upon reservation. Confirmation and fee (if any) will be subject to TOURTOLOVE written reply. Extra beds may cause inconvenience to customer as some of the hotel rooms may be packed after the extra bed in placed. Customer should evaluate the situation before confirming the arrangement. Once the extra bed arrangement is accepted, it cannot be cancelled or changed.
  11. During the trip, local service providers may provide wireless internet services. The stability and speed of the network may be affected by different factors such as product models, location, actual number of users, signal coverage, and signal reception strength etc. Customers cannot withdraw from the tour for this. At the same time, users are subject to the relevant terms and conditions of the service provider. Customer should make assessment before accepting the service.
  12. TOURTOLOVE has not authorized any person (including local service organization) to promote optional tour or activities and products which are not approved by TOURTOLOVE. For any dissatisfaction, loss or casualties caused by customers voluntarily participating in such activities or purchasing such products or service, customer should directly negotiate with the agents or service provider for compensation, and TOURTOLOVE will not be liable.

H) Guidelines on Collection and Use of Personal Data

  1. TOURTOLOVE will only collect and use the personal information as set out in our Privacy and Cookie Statement. The personal data collected will be treated in a confidential manner and will only be used to provide relevant travel services to customer. During the process, TOURTOLOVE may need to transfer the data to relevant travel agents or service providers to arrange and complete relevant travel services. In addition, without the customer's consent, TOURTOLOVE will not provide the data to other organizations or persons (except as required by law).
  2. Customers can review and update their personal information by login to their membership account.

I) Assignability Of Booking Terms

These Booking Terms are personal to individual customer, and customer may not assign these Booking Terms or his/ her rights or obligations there under to a third party without TOURTOLOVE prior express written consent. The rights of TOURTOLOVE under these Booking Terms may be assigned, and its duties may be delegated.

TOURTOLOVE have an absolute discretion to waive any of their rights under these Booking Terms. TOURTOLOVE may also waive its rights under these Booking Terms to the extent this is required by the rules and regulations from time to time published by the relevant authorities in Hong Kong. No waiver of by TOURTOLOVE of any booking related term or condition set forth in these Booking Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or condition or a waiver of any other term or condition, and any failure of TOURTOLOVE to assert a right or provision under these Booking Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of these Booking Terms is held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be eliminated or limited to the minimum extent such that the remaining provisions of the Booking Terms will continue in full force and effect.

Customer warrants that one possesses all legal authority to use the Platform in accordance with these Booking Terms as well as the Platform's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These Booking Terms, along with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use applicable to the Platform, constitute the entire understanding and agreement between you and TOURTOLOVE with respect to all matters relating in any way to the use of the Platform for travel bookings and supersede all prior and contemporaneous understandings, agreements, representations and warranties, both written and oral, with respect to the travel bookings on the Platform. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

The Terms and Conditions has been drafted, and shall be construed, in the Chinese language. Any translation of the Terms and Conditions is solely for reference only. In the event of inconsistency between the Chinese language version and a translated version, the Chinese language version of the Terms and Conditions shall always prevail.